Infrared Optics for Automotive, Thermal Imaging, and more

An overview of standard infrared lenses from Umicore Electro-Optic Materials, used in automotive, security, thermography, fire fighting, ...Since our entry in the Germanium blanks market more than 35 years ago, Umicore Infrared Optics has built up a recognized expertise in the design and production of infrared lenses and assemblies for thermal imaging. We offer a complete range of infrared lenses with different fields of view, compatible with various detectors and interfaces, with athermalized operation at minimal weight.

Our product portfolio is put to use in a wide range of infrared imaging applications, including automotive, thermal imaging, security and surveillance, fire fighting and many others.


GASIR® for cost-effective solutions

A material unique to Umicore is the chalcogenide glass GASIR®. The material was introduced because of it's compatibility with high volume infrared optics manufacturing. Apart from its good optical performance, the glass is stable in price and moldable. Our unique molding competence allows a cost-effective manufacture of complex lens geometries in medium to large volumes.

A second key competence is that of optical coating on GASIR® substrates. While known as a challenging material to coat, we have mastered the processes of applying highly efficient antireflective coatings as well as durable diamond-like coatings to our optics. Today we have over 500.000 GASIR® lenses in the field with lasting performance.

We also offer blank materials for infrared optics. Being fully vertically integrated, we control the quality of the glass we produce to the highest standard in the market.


  • CIOE 2016

    Umicore has successfully exhibited at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition in Shenzhen, China, the first week of September. Join us there next year!



  • 4 Mar 2016

    Umicore is proud to announce another addition to its range of off-the-shelf LWIR lenses. This 3.7 mm f/1.3 lens is compatible with the latest-generation of 12 µm detectors and more.